Reproduction Chair

Reproduction furniture is furniture designed to look and feel like the original but less less expensive.

Furniture reproductions have been around for a long time and the number has increased in recent years.

Reproduction furniture can look and feel like the genuine article if it has been made with the same materials and has the same design as the original. Well crafted reproduction furniture will be hand finished by polishing, glazing or upholstering and will accurately reflect the original style.

If you love old traditional furniture and you cannot afford the original or you cannot get hold of a particular piece then reproduction furniture is the realistic option for you. You can commission pieces that are no longer in existence in order to fit in with your existing furniture.

Furniture of contemporary manufactures are sometimes referred to as “period” or “traditional” because its design is based on details characteristic of various 18th or 19th Century styles. Such furniture isn’t an actual reproduction. Authentic replicas are most common in 18th-century styles, and a few earlier pieces also are available.