Here you will find conservatory furniture that is high quality, well-made, at a good priced.
Different ranges of rattan conservatory furniture that is guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, and incredibly durable and reliable for years to come.
Whether you want rattan conservatory furniture, stylish cane, or durable hyacinth conservatory furniture, there are many styles.

Rattan furniture is a durable and environmentally friendly material that grows in South East Asia. In the rainforests where it grows it has had such as economic impact that farmers are now choosing to harvest it rather than partake in timber logging. Rattan can grow as tall as 6 metres within a year and is far easier to harvest than any other tropical wood.

On top of the ease at which it can be grown and harvested, there are many benefits that natural rattan can bring to the ecosystem.

Rattan helps to protect other trees in its habitat by protecting trees like a vine.

Rattan is better for the environment as it is picked by hand and not through the use of heavy duty machines.

When making conservatory furniture, rattan is cooked in a steamer rather than other economically damaging methods that other wood goes through.

Conservatory furniture made from natural rattan and wicker, Lloyd loom and sea grass. Rattan garden furniture can be designed to go outdoors in all weather has also become very popular conservatory furniture. Customers like the flexibility of having conservatory furniture that can be moved outdoors if preferable. Rattan conservatory furniture is the growing trend especially with the more modern designs; however some of our classic cane designs still sell well.
Rattan furniture conservatory furniture is hand made by weaving natural Rattan around a solid hardwood Mahogany wooden frame with solid hardwood legs.

A range of rattan furniture is ideal, and at a great budget.
Wide varieties of rattan conservatory furniture offering style and elegance to any conservatory.
With the option of extending out your rattan furniture from the conservatory onto the patio thanks to the hard wearing and weather beating elements of rattan, you can create an oasis of luxury easily and simply within your conservatory.